Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sykes' Long Term Memory Loss

I was alerted by an observant reader that Sykes was apparently experiencing some memory loss issues this morning.

Either that, or he was being his usual hypocritical self.

In short, Chuckles was morally indignant and outraged that Fond du Lac County will be creating a half-cent sales tax to pay for saving all those jobs at Mercury Marine, and creating hundreds of new ones.

Apparently, Ol' Chuck forgot about how he used his bully pulpit for weeks and months in promoting the sales tax that we are paying to fund Miller Park.

As the reader points out:
He also said he would BET that this sales tax in Fond du lac would never go away. He should know. The sales tax he was in favor of for the Brewers will never go away.


  1. There is a huge difference between Mrc and Miller Park.
    Miller Park serves at least 3 million people a year and it helps out area businesses and bars. It brings in out of state travelers(yeah, including FIBs) and it helps the economy.
    The tax with Merc really doesn't do much except pay off Merc and a few other businesses.
    I agree with Sykes- I think the Miller Park was well spent and the money to Merc is not, especially the way conducted it's self over the past few weeks.

  2. The Seligs, who owned the Brewers at the time that this was going on, benefited the most, and they weren't exactly hurting.

    The Miller Park tax is especially grievous when there were groups that volunteered to pay for the whole thing, but TOMMY! and his talk radio lackeys didn't want that.

  3. Nice walk between the raindrops there Dan. There is one difference between Merc and Miller park. Miller park was built so millionaires could play baseball and other millionaires could make money, and well off folks like Belling and Sykes could enjoy state of the art entertainment facilities.

    Mercury marine provides jobs for working class men and women.

  4. Belling and Sykes also told us Miller Park was needed so the Brewers would have the revenue to give fans a winning product on the field. I guess the proper thing to is for everyone to drive over to the radio station today and scream out: YOU LIE!

  5. I guess that the jobs Miller Park provides- full and part time don't mean anything.
    And i guess providing entertainment for over 3 million people doesn't amount to much.
    And I suppose that all the hotel jobs and restaurants jobs don't mean anything. Then you have all the transportation jobs that have been created by Miller Park. Of course the tax revenue raised by all the sales taxes to fund your liberal programs really doesn't matter much.
    And Merc? How much in extra sales taxes will the bribe paid to Merc will bring in? Little if any. Any additional jobs created- a few but not too many.
    I am not a big fan of corporate welfare, unless there is a terrific benefit to the community. Miller Park does and Merc doesn't.

  6. Dan you have defined why nobody can take Sykes and his ilk seriously much better than I ever could. Anyone who wants to raise taxes so less affluent people have a bus to ride to work is a RINO or a liberal. Anyone who wants to raise taxes for a park system that less afluent people can access for free is the same. Anyone who wants to raise taxes to improve the child welfare system, foster care oversite, or even, in the case of Scott Walker, to keep bus routes that provide students access to their schools, is a tax and spend liberal.

    If a company leaves the state, as recently happened in Kenosha, Sykes and Belling can scream that the government didn't do anything to keep them. If the government does something to keep them, Sykes and Belling can scream about the same type of sales tax increase that they championed to build a new stadium for them to plunk their soft butts into.

    Sykes can say it is just fine for Sheriff Clarke to appoint an officer who critisized him to walk a dangerous foot patrol alone, and in the next breath say that there is nothing wrong with the big tough sheriff requiring an armed and paid guard to walk with him through an awfully safe and secure airport.

    Sykes and Belling can make a career out of discussing Clinton and Lewinsky, but fall strangly silent as one after another on their side of the isle do the same act.

    So finally, if Sykes is for tax increases for massive sports venues, but not so human beings can keep their middle income jobs, I think that says something about what he cares about and does not care about.

    Caring about people who are less well off is a character flaw of mine. Neither Miller Park nor Mercury Marine does a thing for me.

    You next post will lament that I strayed from the immediate argument. True, but by it's nature, a pattern of hypocrisy must be taken in context.