Sunday, September 13, 2009

McIlheran Wants To Raise Your Taxes

In Sunday morning's edition of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Patrick McIlheran takes on the issue of whether Mayor Tom Barrett whoudl take over MPS.

He is opposed to the take over, arguing that nothing will change, and that those dastardly union workers would only have to influence one person instead of several. I was just starting to wonder if I was reading one of those few pieces by PaddyMac that actually makes sense when I got near the bottom of his column and he wrote this:
Concentrating power hardly seems a solution. A more promising idea, as long as we're speculating, is breaking up the district into manageable pieces, each large enough to feed one high school, like most Wisconsin school districts. Whether this will work is unclear, but it may bring the decision-making closer to families that schools serve.
Ah, there's PaddyMac that we've all come to know and spoof. Instead of having one system, McIlheran offers the idea of creating several, thereby multiplying the numbers of administrations and creating even greater bureaucracy. This will do nothing but raise taxes.

But I'm sure that if one would speak with Paddy, he'd tell you otherwise. And then point out some "friend" of his, or more likely his boss, who would be more than glad to privatize it for you. For a more than nominal fee, of course.

With help like Paddy's, who needs enemies?

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  1. Instead of having one system, McIlheran offers the idea of creating several,
    Several? Try 15, at the current capacity of our high schools.