Friday, September 4, 2009

Will Fischer Make Milwaukee Magazine Again?

Greg Kowalski at one of his many sites, wrote about Kevin Fischer's usual boorish commentary:

Lazich (or her aide) soon found out that her constituents didn't appreciate hearing that coming from her office. After a comment drought on her blog, so far 6 comments have appeared on that posting, 4 of which were aimed negatively toward her stance of federal dollars being spent for something like cutting the grass.

I think it goes to show that both Lazich and at least one member of her staff are truly out of touch with at least the constituency in Franklin. Perhaps when the State Legislature looks at redistricting the boundaries after the 2010 Census, Franklin, Greendale, Hales Corners, and parts of Greenfield will be cut away from Lazich's hands. Personally, I've always remarked how the people of Franklin are a lot more open minded on issues and really don't tolerate much nonsense if they can do something to fix it.

This post caught the eye of Milwaukee Magaizine's Pressroom on Facebook, who took Kowalski's post and expanded on it:
He did do one piece of reporting, when he picked up the phone and actually asked School Board members tough questions about the budget. Oh, wait, no, those answers were made up. Presumably an attempt at irony.

Well, speaking of irony, Pressroom is capable of it as well. We note Fischer's
outrage at comprehensive sexuality education in schools -- which he blames for creating a "sexualized atmosphere."

This from the same person who gratuitously posted a well-endowed model's full-cleavage picture (an item about Internet anonymity).

If Fischer is trying to stir up the masses, we're not sure it's working. Comments seem rare to nonexistent in the blog entries we looked at.

One other item: Another correspondent observes Fischer isn't putting time stamps on his posts. Pressroom looked over the site and found they do, indeed, seem to have disappeared. The absence of time stamps reminded us of the controversy that we covered when Pressroom last wrote about Fischer, here.
I can't wait until I get next month's issue.


  1. Just to be clear, Fischer is not the subject of Pressroom's October column.

    Also, Pressroom hadn't seen the Kowalski article until just now. But thanks for pointing it out

  2. Bummer. I was looking forward to another expose.

    Sorry about the confusion, but given the similarities and the timing, it appeared that it was a follow up type of post.