Friday, October 9, 2009

Looking For A Pool Czar

Dan Cody also thinks that the proposed plan to save and improve the pools for half the price of one water park is a good idea.

Apparently, talk radio can't be bothered with the common good:
Meanwhile, the usual suspects on conservative talk radio are using the debate about public swimming pools to bring up “socialism”, and yes, their argument is about as ridiculous as you can imagine. While pundits like Jay Weber use their microphone to whine thatthe elderly and poor little brown skinned children” should just go find a bathtub to cool off in because your personal ideology prevents you from supporting any tax funded program that you personally don’t use may endear you to the “kill off Government” crowd, the simple fact is that tens of thousands of people use things like public pools and most rational people understand the benefit they provide to the community.

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