Friday, February 4, 2011

They Won't Squawk About The Real Haves

Scott Walker started the ball rolling during his perpetual campaign for governor by falsely claiming that public sector workers were the haves while the rest of the world's were the have-nots.  This was despite his $130K salary as county executive and his big new house with the big new swimming pool.

Charlie Sykes, making $170K himself*, picked up this meme in his beak and squawked about it every chance he gets.  And this does not include the money his third wife brings in as Communications Director for the Bradley Foundation or the graft he gets for pushing their hateful agenda.

But what you won't hear about from Walker, Sykes or any of the other squawkers is one complaint about the real haves.  You know, the CEO's of the big corporations.

*You'll note that I said Sykes makes that much money, not that he earns that much.


  1. Say capper, why don't you get your oswn radio show and make that kind of money.
    Or get yourself elected to be a governor or County Executive.
    Why don't you become a CEO of a large corporation, then you can make huge amoun o money.
    It's really to do so, isn't it? Why don't you and your friends do these easy jobas, after all, anybody can take the risk and do these jobs.

  2. What risks?

    Sykes prostitutes himself and sells his mouth to repeat GOP talking points.

    Most politicians already have ties to some crony who will hire them after they're out of office, for nothing else than services rendered while they were in office.

    CEOs, even when they foul everything up and lose their jobs, still walker away with multimillion dollars packages.

    I don't do those things because I would rather actually help people and because my morals are too damn high to let me sell integrity.

  3. You have to have integrity before you can sell it:-)

  4. You don't do these things capper because you don't take the risk or don't have the ability to be a radio talk show host, a CEO or be elected to anything.
    You would rather hole yourself up in a cublicle and do the job the best you are able to do. there is nothing wrong with that. You are protected by theunion in case you screw up.
    The people you are jealous of took risks- with their future and money. They can be fired or not re-elected at any time.
    Face it, you are jealous of successfull people, like most liberals, and that is pretty pathetic. Why not cut out the jealousy and maybe you won't be so bitter.

  5. Wow, Dan, you've really been drinking up the Kool Aid, haven't you?

    I'm not a CEO because I didn't get any of my jobs through nepotism or cronyism.

    I'm not a talk show host because I don't toe the line for anyone but myself.

    In fact, I would dare say I take more of a chance than any of them because I don't have the safety net they do, but still am out there doing what I believe is right. Yes, I could get fired, if I was as stupid as Walker's people were. But I'm not, and I have a lot more to lose than them because it's just me. No corporate lawyers to protect me, no family money, either inherited or married into, to buffer me.

    I would say I am just as successful, if not more so, than any of them. I got what I have on my own merits. I have a wife that loves me unconditionally and she is my first and only wife.

    I may not have their money, but I still have my pride, my integrity, and my friends, who I know I can count on without second guessing them.

    Yep, I'm much better off.

  6. Remember, Capper my friend, always thank Dan.