Monday, February 7, 2011

McIlheran: Your Illness Is A Sin

Father Patrick McIlheran again climbs up on his podium to preach to the great unwashed masses.

The main premise of his sermon is that there has been a spike of HIV cases among black homosexual men because they are sinners.  In other words, he is saying that those people who contract HIV are only getting what they deserve.

How absolutely Pat Robertsonian of him.  If Westboro was a Catholic Church instead of a Baptist one, McIlheran would probably be applying for membership.

But to further his egregiousness, McIlheran just doesn't know when to stop and includes this:
... Most churches decry drunkenness, and isn’t that awfully mean? (Don’t even get me started on how many churches cruelly try suppressing any expression of drunkenness by offering AA chapters meeting space down in the basement hall!)
No, in fact, it isn’t mean to say drunkenness is wrong, or lying or gluttony or any of the rest. It is kind if you believe, as churches do, that sin does real and lasting damage to the sinner.
Considering that Alcohol Abuse (and Drug Abuse, for that matter) are considered to be mental illnesses, isn't it being particularly inappropriate to be condemning it?

It makes you wonder what McIlheran does during his free time.  I'd hate to think he takes field trips to the local hospital and patrol the cancer ward telling people that they are sinners.


  1. Let's see, the two major causes of AIDs is unprotected sex and drug use. Can't dispute that. Most major religions calls those actions as sins. So, his comments, while may be crude, are accurate.
    Do they deserve their illness? Well, actions have consequences. Again, not disputable. Do i wish they got AIDs, of course not, but if play with the devil, sometimes you will get bit.

  2. Drug addiction, like alcoholism, is a disease. They will probably be adding sex addiction to the DSM-V whenever they get around to publishing it.

    You are just as pathetic as McIlheran, saying that people are sinners because they have a disease.

    It should also be noted that babies are the result of unprotected sex. Are babies a sin too?

  3. And those who conquer drug addiction and alcoholism by themselves must have some other disorder to be able to do that.

  4. Dan, your science is as fuzzy as your morality.

    The only cause of AIDS is the virus known as HIV. Disease is not caused by bad behavior. You may be able to catch The Stupid from listening to talk radio but drug use and buggery doesn't cause AIDS. Just ask the drug-addicted sex-tourist, Limbaugh.

  5. Read again what I wrote, capper. I did not say they are sinners because they have AIDs. Ryan White was not a sinner and yet he had AIDS. Babies who are born with the disease are not sinners.
    But the vast majority who get the disease got it because they decided to participate in dangerous habits, which by most religous standards are sins.
    And grumps, you just are talking stupid. Bu tthat is no surprise from you, you really are not that smart of a person.

  6. I know what you said, Dan. You said that AIDS was the result of unprotected sex, which some call a sin. Babies are the results of unprotected sex as well.

    Thanks again, for making us feel smarter.

  7. TerryN, one does not "conquer" an addiction. They learn to control it. But alcoholism or any other addiction is a lifelong condition.

  8. umm, capper, consdiering how many huge and I mean huge mistakes you have made on your blogs and mine, I would watch what you say about being smarter.

  9. Dan gives double bonus smarter days. Huzzah!

  10. I conquered a 20+ year smoking addiction over 15 years ago. (Before big pharma got into the game.) The first stage was controlling it.

    It's all about self respect and self control.

  11. Congratulations on getting your addiction under control.