Friday, February 11, 2011

Sykes Owes An Apologies To Mrs. Johnson and Chris Abele

This morning, Charlie Sykes was ripping into Chris Abele (read as Jeff Stone, the Republicans' token sacrificial lamb, is in deep trouble).  He compared Abele's multimillionaire status to that of Ron Johnson's multimillionaire status.

Sykes stated that Ron Johnson earned his money, while Chris Abele mooched for his.

I would hardly call having one's father pass away as "mooching."  But that shows what an insensitive and tactless boor Sykes really is  Either way, he should apologize to Abele for mocking his father's death.

Secondly, he owes and apology to Ron Johnson's wife, Jane.  I'm sure that Mrs. Johnson is a lovely woman whom the Senator loves very much, and that marrying her to get his millions of dollars was no work at all.


  1. Hmm might want to check your facts- Abele's dad is alive and well.

  2. Dan left this messaage last week, but when I tried to approve it, I hit the wrong button. Here is his comment in its entirety:

    What capper made another mistake.
    I guess we feel smarter with capper on the job.