Thursday, May 1, 2008

Belling Makes A Bad Situation Worse, Even More Worse and Worst

I made the mistake of listening to Belling on the radio on my way home tonight.

He was talking about the fiasco in Dane County, in which a 911 operator took a call from Brittany Zimmermann just before she was murdered, but never dispatched a squad car to investigate.

Belling made this tragic situation and made it worse, when he attributed the 911 call center to the Madison Police Department. It is run by Dane County, not the Madison PD.

To make this tragedy even worse, Belling ignores the fact that many of the homeless are the mentally ill and/or alcohol and drug abusers who cannot or will not get help. Instead, he again tries to pin this on the Madison Police Department.

But the worst thing of Belling's tirade, the part that got me royally pissed off was when he made the inane and highly racist comment that the reason the Madison Police Department haven't solved this and four other murders is because there isn't enough white men in the detective's bureau.

Yeah, you read that correctly. Belling, the same idiot that made the "wetbacks" comment hasn't figured it out yet. He went on to state (more like bellow) that the crimes haven't been solved because there are too many blacks, too many Hispanics, and too many women in the detective's bureau. He expressed that unless it was a white man in the position of detective, they were only promoted in the interest of diversity, and were basically incompetent.

Why the hell WISN and ClearChannel radio keeps getting away with, and letting Belling get away with, clearly blatant and egregious racist rants is really beyond me.

UPDATE: For a more balanced and a much more intelligent look at the issue, please read Ms. Mill's take on the issue. I really do have to offer her the position of Royal Bard in my court.

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  1. Ouch, I missed it. Today was one of the few days I didn't catch any of his program. It's like exercise for the brain. No pain no gain. Generally, I get plenty of pain listening to him.

    But have you noticed how he's dropped supporting Bush or at least talking about it.

    What could any one seriously find positive to say about his eight years in office except that it is nearing an end.

    The economy, quality of life, what he has done to the poor in thir world countries for the sake of lining the pockets of his oil and ethanol buddies will haunt this country and world for generations. But I digress.