Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Put Xoff On TMJ!!

Charlie Sykes is supposed to be on the inside track of all things political. That's why he is on the radio, right? To lead the sheep, er, conservative listeners to the truth? He's also supposed to be doing it better than anyone else, right?

Well, today, Charlie does one of his usual link to another site posts, that states that former Congressman Mark Neumann is contemplating a run for governor.

First, it's interesting that Charlie is so quick to throw his buddy Scott Walkersha under the bus.

Second, it's even more interesting to note that our own Xoff had already covered that story. Two weeks ago.

Seeing that Xoff already made the story old news before Sykes even heard about it - and it's news from the right side to top it off - and seeing how I'm in a community organizer type of mood lately, I think it is high time that we start a petition drive to get TMJ to dump Sykes and have Xoff do their morning show.

Xoff is smarter.

Xoff is more politically savvy.

Xoff is more up to date on the news that the listeners need and want to hear.

And to sweeten the deal for TMJ, I can personally guarantee that Xoff will be able to not only keep the established right wing base just as, if not more so, riled up than Sykes can, but it would also draw us lefties to listen as well.

So what do you say, shall we get started? Put Xoff on TMJ! Now!


  1. Xoff is smarter? LOL. Xoff is a pretty stupid person, IQ in the negative numbers. He also has no clue what life is like in the real world. He also post false blogs, but what the hell, he is a liberal, after all. No consquences for the lowly liberal as Xoff is.

  2. I think Dan has about worn out his welcome, capper. Even Mike Plaisted had to eventually ban someone for the obscenities he kept using.

  3. OS, I am loathe to censor free speech. Besides, Dan is the perfect example of the baseness of the conservative mindset.

    For example, Dan, with his myriad of spelling troubles, has no place calling anyone stupid, but he lacks so much insight that he doesn't realize it, and so, makes the perfect fool of himself.

    Dan, considering that Sykes has a whole blogsite dedicated to his lies (the one you're reading) your argument is moot.


  4. It's not censorship. It's public decency. Besides, he can go over to the public sewer, Badger Blogger, to deposit his excrement.

  5. "Even Mike Plaisted had to eventually ban someone for the obscenities he kept using."
    Really? Considering I don't swear and that I've only been to Mikes place 1 time and found it not to my liking, I find that hard to believe. So either you are making that up or there is another Dan.
    Apparently your understanding sarcasm is not your speciality.

  6. First of all, Dan -- reading comprehension classes might be something you should consider taking. I did not say you were banned from Plaisted's blog, I said "someone".

    Two, obscenity is not simply the four-letter word variety. You do not know Xoff and yet he is "stupid", has a negative IQ, and has no clue what life is like in the real world (considering he is a Vietnam war vet, a father, a journalist and well-respected by professionals, that's an interesting statement). In my mind, those are all fairly obscene things to say.

    As far as calling that crap sarcasm -- it's laughable, but a typical fallback when called to the mat for unwarranted comments.

  7. Aw, let Dan have his say.

    He just makes the rest of us look smarter and more reasonable.

  8. Just a couple of points, Capper:

    You forgot that I am better looking, too.

    I have two years of experience as a regular on Eric Von's Friday afternoon "Man Show," 3-7 on 1290 WMCS. (I usually do the first two hours. Eric takes every caller.)

    But I think the Jeff Wagner slot might be a better fit for me. I know Joel McNally gets up before the chieckens now, but I don't think I can do that at my advanced age. Sykes must be up by 5 to start reading his talking points. Much too early.

    Thanks for the nomination, though. If Wagner's spot won't work, I could always replace Rush over at WISN.

  9. And, yes, I do know how to spell chickens. I just don't respect rules enough to use spell check.

  10. Bad timing. TMJ and Sykes just announced a new contract deal. Didn't mention Wagner, though, so maybe that's the slot they are saving for me.