Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Here's A Big Word For PaddyMac: Cementencephalous

Cementencphalous: meaning is mind is all mixed up and firmly set, like cement.

Funny how the same people appalled at suburban spread now seem eager that vacanat[sic] land by a freeway in Wauwatosa not be used for a college. Others now want to leave undeveloped a former dump in St. Francis. You’d think using such urban in-fill sites already surrounded by plentiful parkland would be preferable to making colleges go hunt campus space out past the urban fringe, but I’m not a green, so I’m not up on all the dogma.
Of course, to believe Preview Paddy, one would have to ignore what Dave Reid, The River Otter, and yours truly have been writing for weeks, in which we offer viable and more rewarding sites such as the Park East Corridor, St. Columbia's Hospital, and downtown Milwaukee (multiple sites), to name just a few.

But then again, he's not intellectually honest, so he's not up on all that dogma.

Perhaps if the National Review, the Washington Post and/or Dad29 would link to us, he might have been aware that he was a mistake. Then again, since that appears to be where he does get his information, he probably wouldn't catch on anyway.


  1. Capper if you are going to pretend to use 50 cent words make sure to spell it correctly both times. Try again!

    Here's A Big Word For PaddyMac: Cementencephalous


  2. Pettiness will get you nowhere.