Sunday, June 14, 2009

There Is No Comparison

During the past week, two anti-Semitic events occurred. One was when an aged, white supremacist went to the National Holocaust Museum and shot a guard to death. The other was Reverend Jeremiah Wright made an idiot's comment, blaming his lack of contact with President Obama on "them Jews."

James T. Harris and Patrick McIlheran show their true colors when they try to make the two events comparable. Both of these fools show that they are the ultimate hypocrites. They preach about the value of human life, but then have the gall to take an old man shooting a security guard to death and say it is no worse than an old preacher shooting off his mouth.

Are they that frickin' desperate that they have to belittle a man's life just to defend their own built in hatred and bigotry? Simply unbelievable.

Others have noticed McIlheran's irresponsible comments as well.

Illy-T on the subject:
Nazism isn't a right-wing ideology. People only believe it is because the lefty New York Times told them so. Also because its full name is National Socialism. Therefore, James von Brunn is a liberal.

(McIlheran also appears oblivious to the fact that for right-wing kooks like von Brunn, "neocon" is synonymous with "Zionist.")
And Dan Cody (in a really must read post):

But that doesn’t stop McIlheran from picking up where they left off… with ellipses!

He manages to turn this story away from what it really is, a white supremacist anti-government nutjob who murdered an innocent man, and into a pro NRA diatribe that makes the same old tired jabs at liberals (New York Times!) that we all expect from Patrick. And as we’ve also come to expect from Pat, his incoherent rambling fails to land any of them.

There’s a place for constructive, intelligent conservative opinions in every paper, MJS included. McIlherans columns are none of those things however. They are simply a logically disjointed and poorly paraphrased version of what he saw on the Glen Beck show last night.

Wisconsin’s largest newspaper can, and should, do better.

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