Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Belling The Misogynist

Mark Belling is at again. If he is not making an ass out of himself with racist comments, he is doing it with misogynist comments.

This time, he is going after New Berlin blogger Linda Richter.

Belling's vulgarity goes like this, per MMT:

“Out in New Berlin the teachers union is starting a whispering campaign to trash the school superintendent. The person behind all of this is a person who is a former school board member who whored herself out to the teachers union when she was on the school board there. What’s her name: Linda Richter. They are sending out blanket mailings all over the community implying all sorts of wrong doing. It’s all coming from the teachers union that doesn’t like the fact that New Berlin keeps passing budgets that don’t include tax increases. ”

Ms. Richter was actually out of town seeing her son off to fight in the Middle East, when Belling chose to attack her like the coward he is. She's back now, and doesn't need Whallah! to back her up. She can give as good as she gets:
Whored herself out? What a vulgar and vile allegation! Sadly, denigrating women and using repugnant rhetoric is nothing new for Belling, who has been known to refer to breastfeeding mothers as sows.
Belling has a penchant for crude remarks. Is he also a conspiracy nut? A propagandist?
For the record: I am a nurse not a teacher. I’ve never been a member of the teachers union or any union. I am not employed by a teacher, teachers union, or New Berlin Public Schools. I am a district taxpayer. I know of no “blanket mailings all over the community implying wrong doing” being sent by the teachers union. Given that I can easily communicate information and my views publicly on a regular basis via the Internet on my blog Inside New Berlin (NOW/Journal Communications hosts it), it should be obvious to Belling and everyone else that I have no need to launch “whispering campaigns to trash the school superintendent.” My blog has addressed many topics, including the superintendent and his hefty salary/benefits increase approved recently by the school board. My blog posts are often displayed on the MetroMilwaukeeToday and Blognetnews Websites. Yes, I have served on the New Berlin School Board--from April 1999 until April 2002. Note that my school board term ended over 7 years ago! I did not solicit or accept campaign contributions from the teachers union. I was elected to office on a campaign platform of better communication and more accountability. While on the school board, I pushed NBPS/Board to comply with policy and laws which it had been disregarding for years, publish the minutes of school board meetings, televise and tape board meetings, etc. If Belling considers such efforts whoring for the teachers union, it wouldn't be hard to conclude that his blind hatred for and obsession with the teachers union has addled his brain.
Now, you may wonder, why is WISN and Clear Channel putting up with this noise? Well, if you go their website, it is obvious that the whole station management is a bunch of misogynist perverts. But that is not the real reason why they allow Belling to get away time after time with this sort of crap.

The real reason is that we let them.


  1. FACE! Guess that pretty much sums things up . . .

  2. Thanks for alerting people to the dreadfulness of the WISN-AM radio website. Tawdry.

  3. Wow, you actually made up a whole blog because you hate Jessica McBride? Guess there is not too much going on over there in New Berlin.

    In any case, I noted that you are upset with the use of Mr. Bellings term "whored out", yet you have no trouble calling all of the members of the WISN management team "perverts". Isn't that a bit hypocritical, Linda. Cmon now.

    @mike Dreadfulness? Really. Did you just get off the bus from Mayberry? I'm guessing there are far more risque pictures in the weekly JC Penny flier from the Journal. You New Berlinites really need to come to grips. You are making that suburb seem a bit unhinged.

  4. Family Guy-

    Reading is fundamental.

    Ms. Richter did not write this post, I did. Furthermore, neither Mr. Horne or I live in New Berlin.

    Perhaps if you had taken time to read the post, or better yet, a few posts, you would have realized how foolish, clueless and inane your comment really is.

  5. Ok, so you are Linda's mouthpiece, or supporter, or flunky or aka. Whatever. You still made a whole blog because you hate Jessica McBride and you are rather full of hatred for anyone who won't come down on the liberal left side of the political spectrum.

    Really, my comment still stands. If you support accusing WISN management of perversion because of a picture of a woman in a bikini now and then, you are either a huge liberal hypocrite, or a future recruit for the Taliban. Perverts, lol. But using the term "whored out" is bad. Hm, odd set of ethics you have there Capper.

    I will agree that perhaps I was wrong about you being Linda Richter. While you are clearly as hate filled and angry as she is (that's what fooled me at first), your writings are a bit less disjointed.

    Dreadfulness...lol. That still cracks me up. Who uses "dreadful" anymore? Sounds like something liberal elitist snobs might say at the country club, or maybe the Berkley Law School reunion. hehe, dreadfulness....

  6. A whole page dedicated to soft porn is more than just "a woman in a bikini now and then." Your lack of understanding such a simple, self-apparent truth says a lot about where you are coming from.

    But whether you are misogynist or not is irrelevant to the fact that Belling has a history of making boorish remarks. He is a dullard with no sense of decorum or class.

  7. Soft Porn? ROFL.

    So, I imagine that you are outraged nightly at prime time television, and scandalized by the advertising flyers in the Milwaukee Journal? Writing to Marty Kaiser and the FCC to complain? I hope you have your TV set up to block everything above "G".

    You sound like a Jerry Falwell supporter... or

    Perhaps you are really stretching for something to complain about because you simply don't like the politics at WISN. That would be hypocrisy at it's finest, and it would be stereotypically liberal of you.

    Hehe, dreadfulness and tawdry... that cracks me up every time I read it.

  8. FG,

    Yeah, okay, you're OK with these "morally upstanding" people being hypocritical, but then cast aspersion on us.

    Thanks for making me feel smarter today.