Monday, November 30, 2009

Why Ask(ance) Why?

PaddyMac takes advantage of the exception to the rule by mentioning a story of a Wisconsin woman who held a knife to the throat of an anti-abortion protester who was getting in her face. He at the same time, besmirches Wisconsin:

And they do: As most Minnesotans are next to the parts of our state mainly inhabited by wildlife, lots of Minnesotans think Wisconsin is a kind of Appalachia-North (I write by personal, Minnesota-resident experience).

Then again, it could be the wild Wisconsinites. Note the Superior woman who got in trouble in Duluth for pulling a knife on a 21-year-old woman who was passing out pro-life literature outside an abortuary on the Minnesota side of the bay.

Considering that Minnesota is the home of Michele "The Mad Scientist" Bachmann, who not even the GOP can abide, I don't know if they have a reason to look down their noses at anyone.

But if they want to be that way, would someone kindly point me to the exchange window? I would more than gladly return PaddyMac for Brett Favre. Heck, I'd throw in Sykes, Wagner, Belling and McBride if the Norsemen to our west would also return Ryan Longwell.

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