Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sykes Stoops To Mocking The Disabled

We've already known for years that Charlie Sykes has no morals and no sense of decency.

But once again, Sykes has gone beyond the pale, and shown his true nature.

He has decided to publicly mock, both on his radio show and on his blog, Jeremy Ryan, or as he is more commonly known, Segway Jeremy Ryan, as that Mr. Ryan has made an online appeal to help with his legal bills:
You may have read/seen about "Segway Boy," the perpetual protester who has apparently made a career out of annoying behavior, wracking up dozens of unpaid tickets along the way. The last time we encountered Jeremy Ryan, he had "15 citations totaling $3,604.50 for protesting and disrupting events at the Capitol." As the paper reported: "So far, he hasn't had to pay a cent." Now he's taken to the internet to beg... for others to help him continue to mooch. Classic stuff...
Mr. Ryan has become a fixture around Madison, known for riding his Segway and being very vocal and very visible in his protests of the outrages being committed by Scott Walker and the Republican-controlled legislature. While I personally cannot condone all of Mr. Ryan's behaviors, he has had the right to make his feelings known.

While the Segway does make Mr. Ryan stand out and has made him an easily recognizable figure, it is equally as well known that Mr. Ryan has a very rare and life-threatening genetic condition that requires his using the Segway.

In fact, at the time of this writing, Mr. Ryan is currently in the hospital after collapsing and has been for days, due to this condition.

With these medical bills piling up, is it any wonder why Mr. Ryan would ask for a little help from his friends and supporters?

But the fact that Mr. Ryan has this life-threatening condition and is disabled to the point of needing the Segway in order to get around doesn't slow Sykes down one bit from mocking him.

Likewise, newly ordained Koch employee and comic book aficionado, Kevin Binversie also has to take a cheap swipe at him, basically saying he should sit down and shut up and do what the dark overlords tell him to do.

And to complete the trifecta of vulgarity, Bruce Redenz, known for getting into trouble in diners and doing ORRs from his job, comments on Sykes' site with this heart-warming way to treat a disabled person:
I will not be sending Jeremy a check.

I would, however, be willing to offer him a very unglamorous $10.00 p/hour job in the Madison area. He will need to be prepared to get filthy dirty doing arduous, repetitive work. I can offer him 35-40 hours per week at least through the summer. He will need to be prepared to show up consistently, at pre-determined, routine business hours.

This is a legitimate offer, Jeremy. Charlie knows how to reach me.

I will begin holding my breath now in preparation for Jeremy's call.
Sadly, these three seem to be more of the norm than the exception to the right wing of the state. And then they wonder why the people of Wisconsin are outraged and are actively working to correct the direction this state is heading.

Now, of course, if any of these three had a shred of common decency in them, they wouldn't have done what they done in the first place, so I wouldn't advise Mr. Ryan to wait for them to apologize for their crude and rude behavior, even though that is exactly what they should be doing.

But then again, if they are low enough to mock a disabled person, why would anyone care what they have to say about anything in the first place?


  1. I wonder if Mr. Redenz, having made a "legitimate offer" and well aware of Mr. Ryan's status as an individual with a disability, would be prepared to make the required reasonable accommodations required under City, State, and Federal law?

  2. There are several reasons why Jeremy Ryan has not paid any of the citations yet: the first as that several were dismissed, and the second is that he has yet to go to court on the other citations. Charlie Sykes and the entire staff at AM620 are nothing more than useless hacks broadcasting to jackoffs in the Milwaukee 'burbs

  3. Thank you for exposing this. Jeremy has inspired me to keep up the fight, to go to meetings in the Capitol, to keep informed. I for one thank Segway Jeremy for his courage and frankly, it feels different without him on the square. I keep him in my thoughts, support him in his relentless pursuit of the truth, and will be celebrating with him when we recall Walker!
    Thank you Jeremy Ryan! You are an inspiration indeed!

  4. So is Redenz's Dad's company offering Mr. Ryan a Union job :)

  5. I'm actually disappointed you missed the first shot I took at the kid, Chris. You know, when I mentioned I saw him up in downtown Minneapolis at Netroots Nation / RightOnline when he flew past me on his Segway...puffing away on a cigarette.

    That was a more convincing kick to the nads in my opinion.

  6. Jeremy Ryan will have to quit smoking and drinking for me to give him a ounce of sympathy. Who, with a heart condition, smokes and drinks? No, I don’t feel sorry for him.

  7. Sorry, Kevin, your tripe just isn't that memorable.

    But a question for both of you MENSA members, when did you get your genetics degrees?

  8. As a person who has a terminally ill child, I don't think it's for MA or Kevin to question Jeremy or ANYONE ELSE who is dying or chronically ill on the choices they make. I doubt if they are *without sin* and able to expect that all other people are able to live blameless lives in order to make you feel that they are WORTHY to die in a manner pleasing to YOU. I hope, even though you obviously not people I would *like*, that you never face having your child, or yourSELVES, facing a situation like Jeremy or my son is, because I doubt you have what it takes to face the situation and cope. If Jeremy is able to cope a little better by smoking the occasional cigarette and drinking a beer with friends, what business is it of YOURS?
    Oh, I forgot, you're Republicans. You think everyone's business is yours, don't you? Why don't you read your Bibles and learn to emulate your Lord. HE at least cared about the sick and about healing. Too bad those that claim to follow him set such awful examples. Maybe I could believe in his church and tell my son something would exist when his short life comes to an end.

  9. Segway Boy said his protesting is more important than the office job he is qualified for. The guy doesn't want to work. Period.

  10. Segway Boy is asking for my money...it becomes my business. Get a job Jeremy.

  11. To the 11:33 comment, all that shows is you don't understand the importance of freedom and rights. All the more to pity you.

    As for the 11:36 comment: No, no it doesn't. It just shows that you're dirt.

  12. Sorry, folks, I am very sympathetic to your cause but this kid is a complete and total jerk. I watched him exhibit conduct that was absolutely reprehensible. Does he also have Tourette's syndrome? What an asshole. If I were his mother I would take him home.

  13. 'all that shows is you don't understand the importance of freedom and rights"

    Ummm, Last time I checked freedom meant free to be opinionated, free to choose to not pay union dues...

    The lack of understanding of what freedom means is evident to those who had to fight for their freedom.

  14. And of course, Freedom of Speech means you can tell lies. Unfortunately, for Anonymous 7:30, the truth is that the choice not to belong to an union was always available.

  15. Yea, all you had to do was choose a different career. Or are you implying you could teach in a public school in Wisconsin and not have to pay union dues prior to the budget repair bill?

  16. Can't vouch for WEAC, but I do know that you could opt out of AFSCME.

  17. Does Brucey work for his daddy's company? Is that how he purchased the Lexus he threatened to run me over with?

  18. Someone should ask Bruce Redenz about his Disorderly Conduct case in Dane County. I hear Bruce can't seem to keep it together at Japanese restaurants.