Monday, January 2, 2012

Yep, Jeff Wagner Proves Me Correct Again

Three weeks ago, on Cog Dis, I discussed the matter of Andrew P. Jensen, Jr., the Scott Walker crony who was put in the hoosegow for a day because he refused to cooperate with the John Doe investigation into Walker's sleazy campaign tactics and unethical behaviors. In specific, I would point out this blurb:
Oddly, Jensen's attorney, Patrick Schott, said that Jensen was jailed because Jensen "wouldn't adopt their version of events." But the facts that authorities tried to offer Jensen immunity and that he tried to take it if he could remain anonymous while doing so would indicate that Jensen knows what the score is, but is too afraid of the Republican party machine that he doesn't want it known that he sang.

Now that Jensen's been outed, watch for the right, especially in the form of talk radio, rally around him and try to make him appear as a living martyr in a feeble effort to discredit the investigation.* This is not so much to congratulate him for keeping his mouth shut - so far - as it is to remind him that they are watching in case he does.
And just like clockwork, here comes WTMJ squawk radio host Jeff Wagner with exactly what I had predicted:
Take the case of prominent Milwaukee real estate executive Andrew Jensen. Jensen is a well known area real estate broker, a past chairman of the Commercial Association of Realtors - Wisconsin and a relatively small dollar contributor to Governor Walker.

According to published reports, Jensen was to be granted immunity in this secret proceeding. However, according to his lawyer, Jensen irritated prosecutors by refusing "to adopt their version of events" - leading to his sudden arrest and subsequent release without charges being issued. In the meantime though, the media was tipped off about Jensen's situation and given an opportunity to trumpet his arrest and tarnish his name. Talk about your Star Chamber.

One way to interpret the public comments of Jensen's attorney is that prosecutors wanted Jensen to make a false statement and that Jensen was arrested after refusing to do so. If there is any truth at all to this suggestion, you have to wonder: "Is this Salem, Massachusetts in 1692 or Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2012"?
You can read the rest of my post at Cog Dis to see just how badly Wagner is lying about the course of events.

It's bad enough that they can't admit the truth about what is happening, but do they have to be so bad and so predictable about it?


  1. Of course they have to be predictable about their tactics and lies, capper. Because 620 and 1130 squawkers think their audience is JUST THAT STUPID.

    And given how the losers who listen to that trash react and parrot the BS being spewed on the airwaves, the radio hosts are probably right. Their audience is indeed that sutupid not to see through it.

  2. Sounds to me as though Jensen's attorney, Pat Schott, is really representing Gov. Walker.