Sunday, September 9, 2012

TMJ Reporter Arrested, TMJ Doesn't Report It

One of WTMJ-TV's "investigative reporters" - in other words, one of their sensationalist gotcha reporters that they're so fond of - got himself all wee wee'd up:
According to the Glendale police report:

A Bayshore security guard caught Rob Koebel, 41, urinating outside of the Apple store at 10:11 p.m. Aug. 21. Koebel, an investigative reporter with TMJ4's I-Team, lives in an apartment above the Apple store.

The security guard told police he saw Koebel and his friend, a 52-year-old man, leave Bar Louie on their way back to their apartments. The friend told police Koebel had been drinking. When Koebel started urinating outside of the Apple store, the security guard told him to stop, but Koebel ignored him.


Police arrested Koebel after he refused to follow commands. When an officer tried to lock the handcuffs, Koebel kept swaying, and officers attempted to steady him against the wall of the business. He lost his balance and fell to the ground, bringing an officer down with him.

When police brought him back to the station, Koebel was uncooperative with officers. When an officer stated he was going to remove his handcuffs, Koebel warned him to "be careful."

Koebel became increasingly uncooperative, saying "Don't play games with me" and "Do you want to take the gloves off or no?" As he was booked, Koebel called an officer names such as "(expletive) face", as well as a derogatory term for homosexual.

Glendale police cited Koebel for disorderly conduct.

Now, when a local celebrity gets himself in a jam like this, this would normally be fodder for the local paper. Oddly, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel hasn't printed a word about the misconduct and subsequent arrest of this knob.

Then again, as the gentle reader either already knew or could have surmised by the TV station's call letters, they are both owned by Journal Communications.

This perfectly illustrates the problem with the erosion of the regulations of the airwaves over the years allowing corporate media to buy up and monopolize whole media markets.

And it would be poetic justice since Koebel is the same guy that cost a school bus driver her job by playing his gotcha game.

It could also be that TMJ is just holding off on reporting anything until they have Koebel installed as their newest squawk radio host, like they did with the sensationalist political hack John Mercure, who should thank his stars that impersonating a reporter isn't against the law.

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  1. A comment submitted earlier at The Cap Times story at about the school bus driver 'investigation' controversy is reposted below. I must say that the Phoenix New Times link was very interesting.

    G Gordon - July 06, 2012 4:09 pm
    That reporter, Rob Koebel, sure looks like the same reporter who was fired from a Phoenix TV station in 2004. A "Rob Koebel" donated to Sheriff Joe Arpaio's campaign after being convicted of DUI, then aired a rumor-filled "rape" story about Arpaio's political opponent on Channel 15 in Phoenix. The station fired Koebel after they found out about the political donation.

    "On November 3, Koebel reported to the Estrella Jail to begin serving his 12-day sentence. He says he was greeted by a detention officer who had good news. Koebel would not be forced to endure the indignities at Tent City, but instead would be housed in the comfortable accommodations at the Mesa Hilton."

    Funny that his current employer, WTMJ, doesn't mention the phoenix firing or the DUI in their bio of Rob Koebel. Maybe it's just coincidence that the sleazy reporter in Phoenix looks like and has the same name as WTMJ's reporter, who also worked in Phoenix in 2004.

    Just askin'"

  2. What? We don't check references when reporters are hired? Is he like a temp or something?

  3. Oh, come on come, cut the guy some slack. Like anybody who has been to a bar or had a more than a few drinks, haven't had o stop and pee somewhere.
    Then to have a guard to tell him to stop peeing in mid stream? Try doing that after a few beers?
    But then he got stupid with the cops and got himself into the legal trouble.