Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Almost, But Not Quite There

McBride does a rather lengthy piece on JB Van Hollen and his handling of the crisis in Crandon. McBride pleasantly surprises us with a fairly rational and level-headed critique, pointing out legitimate flaws, making constructive criticsisms. Whallah was quite impressed, especially when one would have expected McBride, in her normal mode, to try to shred the winner of last year's Attorney General election into little pieces. This fear was reinforced with the title of "I hate to say I told you so, but..."

That was until the end, when the McBride we all know and love (OK, not quite love) comes through to sink the whole piece:
Quick. Someone get this guy a crisis manager. He's now getting beaten up by Sykes, Belling, AND USA Today, not to mention Badger Blogger, Freedom Eden, and Texas Hold 'Em, but he thinks everything went smoothly. Not a good day.
I don't know how to tell McBride this, but if these are the only people he has to worry about criticizing him, that is a good day. It means he probably is doing something right after all.

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  1. "Badger Blogger, Freedom Eden, and Texas Hold 'Em"

    Are these clowns ever not PMSing about something or other?