Friday, October 26, 2007

Crazier Than Thou

Jessica the Prolific makes this job easy. Just hang around the tree and the fruit sorta drops.

Case in point is her post contrasting the Republican presidential candidates vs the Democratic contingent on the "threat" from Iran. She of course credits those throwbacks from the fabulous 50's on the GOP side with strength on this ginned up issue.

Never mind that the good order takers that the Republicans are, they are tumbling over the cliff while their Pied Piper George Bush calls the tune. The trouble is they want to take the rest of us with us.

Been there done that. The American people are not as twitchy as they were in the year following 9/11 (I can feel John McAdams heading to the keyboard already), so the public won't be spooked into supporting another bogus reason to invade or in this case bomb a country as with the Iraq screw up. In fact one could bet that pulling this antic would doom the GOP to minority status for a generation -- if we survive Armageddon.

This one has disaster written all over it. Bush, Cheney and their mesmerized crowd of followers are scream that the Iranian leader Ahmadinejad -- the guy who looks like a restaurant car hop -- needs to be feared despite the fact that he is no where near a nuclear capability (sound familiar), is in fact not really in control of his country's military and that his destroy Israel rantings are simply playing to his base. Nothing original here.

And of course they will dial it up with the Hitler comparisons. But there really are none since Adolph represented a real threat, not a conjured up one.

Yes, we should keep an eye on that country's nuclear capabilities, as we should with all countries that want to enter the nuclear club. But since this cruise over the cliff is so appealing to Jessica, let's point out how supremely stupid it would be to make real this juvenile rhetoric.

Our economy already is starting to sour. As an example one US dollar now buys only 97 Canadian cents. Not to long ago a buck would get you one loonie and 40 cents.

We disrupt the delicate balance in the Middle East with some cowboy excursion and the price of oil will soar. Oddly enough when you have the former head of the KGB thinking that the saber rattling here is nuts even though they would greatly benefit from the rise in oil crisis than you have an idea how crazy -- and those who support it, truly are. That is just picking one reason out of the dozens why moving militarily on Iran would be senseless, from an administration that does neither perspective nor rationality very well.

Fortunately for her someone replied to the post who is even crazier, maybe. The reply is so out there that one wonders if they guy is doing a parody of the GOP.

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  1. I've seen nuke the whales stuff before in her comment threads, and I do believe he was making a parody of the right's template.