Thursday, October 25, 2007


James Wigderson is a conservative blogger, a columnist at the Waukesha Freeman, and a friend of McBride's. He has also taken umbrage with Whallah's posts about the whole La La Brown murder and McBride's poor response to it.

James is a fairly intelligent person, with a good sense of humor. But in his post, he inadvertently points out the errors that McBride has made. He argues that one should not judge a book by a cover, but that there are generalities that one can use. He points out that it would be likelier that a recording studio in the inner city would be used for gangsta rap than for country or classical music. This is probably true, but it is also a stereotype. While most young black people probably do listen to rap or hip hop, not all do.

This kind of thinking leads to stereotypical thinking, which can lead to racism. He even commits the same error, in wondering if the fact that Whallah is dedicated to correcting McBride's wrong-headed comments and positions, makes it sexist. It doesn't matter what McBride's gender or color is, wrong is wrong. To think otherwise, is sexist in itself.

For another rebuttal to Wiggy's post, take a walk to the Other Side.

Addendum: It must be pointed out that the La La Brown incident wasn't a single event for McBride. She has developed a discernible pattern of focusing on issues involving minorities and treating these issues in a dismissive manner. That would easily give to the fact that there appears to be at least some latent racism occurring.

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