Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Let This Be A Warning

Sometimes, the hardest part of writing for Whallah, is picking which parts of McBride's postings need the most attention. One of McBride's postings about the tragic event in Crandon is one of those times.

After all, the title alone should be addressed:

Memo to Crandon tragedy law enforcement

Even though she supposedly teaches journalism, and supposedly in English, this headline makes it seem like Crandon takes their tragedy laws pretty seriously.

Then their is the memo itself, showing that McBride failed preschool, due to her counting skills. (Note to McBride, most people put a 3 between the 2 and the 4.)

But the most obvious part that needs to be addressed was done by Grumps at the Happy Circumstance, shown here in its entirety:

You've asked what she teaches her students. I'll tell you what she teaches her students.

Don't demand that the media not talk to people or families anymore or ask community members to stop talking to the media. You'll just end up ticking off the media, and they're the ones writing the follow-up stories. Trust me. The media tend to retaliate in print.

Especially against former employers. Trust her.
It should be pointed out that besides former employers, the list includes former coworkers, former political opponents of her husband, liberal bloggers and political consultants, and, of course, Whallah.

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