Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Bullock's Monster

As previously noted, McBride got all snarky about Jay Bullock becoming one of the latest community bloggers at JSOnline. She took on the assumption that Jay was sought out.

In the comments, Jay corrected her thinking by pointing out that he simply filled out the application. McBride responded with this:

I don't agree with you much, but I think you're good at what you do and the manner in which you do it.

I didn't realize that you signed up, as opposed to them recruiting you. I wonder if they allow anyone to do that or if they narrow down the applicants. Interesting.....

This does make it seem that McBride is now considering using this information as either a way back into the limelight with the Journal Sentinel, or as a way to set herself up as the martyr of MSJ's supposed liberal bias. Either way, Whallah will be diligent in its continuing mission of monitoring her nefarious schemes.

1 comment:

  1. I would think she would want to be careful about disparaging the Sentinel, since the editors there know all the moral and ethical compromises they made with her. She's too reckless and self-absorbed to understand that they could in a few easy steps let the truth be known about her numerous and egregious lapses, from an unreported extramarital affair with a public official to various conflicts of interest in other things she reported.

    She has no sense or morality, but then again the Sentinel has no integrity, so maybe nothing will happen.