Tuesday, October 30, 2007

McBride's comments remain a free-fire zone for homophobe John!

The Brawler understands that when he was recently out of town a blogger on the left used a bad word to describe Jessica McBride. This resulted in denunciations from Charlie Sykes, who memorably likened Jim Doyle to racist southern segregationists in a TV ad, outrage from McBride and curious claims that critiques of McBride were motivated by sexism.

Lefty bloggers apologized and mused on whether rhetoric was getting out of hand. The Brawler's only thought was: Given all this concern about abusive language, would Jessica permit most favored commenter John to spew his homophobic broadsides.

For all you John aficionados, rest easy. Jessica, who denounces anonymity and personal attacks, still decides, after reading John's post, that they add to the level of discussion on her blog and lets them through.

Check out this recent, an unusually incoherent, gem in response to a post about the whole Miller San Francisco thing (Brawler's bold to highlight the terms one typically associates with elevated discourse):

Jessica, this is American business as usual.Miller and their limp
wristed flack
don't get it.Now they've done an EXHAUSTIVE STUDY of their "DISTRIBUTORS" rules and methods.These bastards are complete ass-hats.Jessica, they aren't interested in keeping You, nor Paul as their customers, they are interested in this controversy going away, and keeping, morons as their customers.They are talking in blah blah blah language, and their corporate spokesmodel is a dunce. All of that doesn't matter. What matters is whether the general public eats the pablum.Let's call it the Britney Spears principle.Britney is completely VOID of any real talent. I could teach a monkey to dance, sing and whore like Brit. But could I sell Chim Chim to the pablum eating public?The public buys this crap lock stock and tattoo.

Clearly, John -- who amazingly posted this not at 1:30 in the morning but at 6:57 p.m. on Oct. 28 -- is a member of the hate left.

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