Thursday, October 18, 2007

Memo to Jessica

McBride claims to know all about journalism, and she's not shy from telling others what she thinks they should be doing when it comes to journalism. And that's fine, as she purports her site to be about media matters. But then she gives this little critism:

Reporting Gov. Jim Doyle's sky-is-falling claims and then reporting the Republican responses to them is not reporting. It's stenography.

Someone needs to tell Jessica that linking to other sites, without substance added, isn't blogging. It's cyber-stenography.

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  1. Hey. She HAS won national awards, doncha know? (They must be from some industry group, like the Loom-Weavers Association of America, or something, but by God if she doesn't say that every time her inanity is made apparent.) Oh. Also, she's won a MILWAUKEE PRESS CLUB AWARD, which, in the actual journalism world, has all the cachet of winning a Big Mac in McDonald's Monopoly game. Maybe Malkin will link to her again. That'll keep her spirits up.