Saturday, October 13, 2007

Vengeance Is Mine, Sayeth the McBride

Tim Cuprisin, a real columnist at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, has posted a couple of items about McBride's role model, Ann Coulter. Coulter, following in the footsteps of Bill O'Really and Rush to the drug dealer Limbaugh, has come out with an indefensible smear, this time against Jews. Here, via Mr. Cuprisin's blog, are the videos and the transcript of Coulter's outrageous statements.

Surprisingly, McBride doesn't rise to the defense of Coulter. What she does instead is seek out a chance at revenge my mocking Mr. Cuprisin. In case the gentle reader has forgotten, Mr. Cuprisin is one of the people McBride has blamed for her downfall from hosting a squawk radio show. His sin was not defending her indefensible lack of taste.

It's good to see that McBride doesn't hold grudges and has moved on with her life.

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