Sunday, October 14, 2007

Another Victory For McBride

First, she posts that she will be participating in a debate with Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisolm.

Then, she puts up a post titled

My debate with John Chisolm

Then starts out with admitting she didn't debate Chisolm, but an unnamed assistant district attorney. (First, Eugene Kane, then getting fired from her talk show, then getting stood up by Chisolm...What does it take for her to understand no one wants to talk to her?)

She regales us with how she used her sophisticated vocabulary and understanding of the real world to verbally thrash this unknown person, as well as a unnamed teacher who had the audacity to also stand up to her.

Besides, the misleading title of the post, the lack of verification of her version of the events, and the innate controversial nature of gun control, there were two things that stood out. The first was her put down of the teacher for not using statistics to back up her points. This stands out due to McBride's habitual tendency to commit the same mistake.

The other was the line

...I forgot to ask her whether her argument meant that she thought we could disregard the entire U.S. Consitution. (sic)
McBride never seemed to mind when Bush disregarded the constitution, so why would it bother her now?

UPDATE: As usual, Illusory Tenant has the legal aspect of the case nailed down in elegant fashion.

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  1. I wish she got a law degree and a position as a prosecutor. What a joy it would be to oppose her in virtually any venue. Impulsive, self-aggrandizing and stupid, all fatal flaws in a lawyer. Though apparently not in the academy or journalism.