Monday, October 1, 2007

This Is Progress?

In McBride's world, Bush can do no wrong. That is why, in this post, she considers two American Soldiers and 33 Iraqi civilians being killed, every day, as progress.

If you, like the majority of Americans, don't see this as progress, but as an ongoing atrocity, please click on the "Do Something" link for the Iraq Moratorium, to see how you can help.


  1. Whoa, Whallah!, you elevate creepiness to an art form. That's not progress, it's cyber-stalking disguised as commentary.

    Try posting about something other than Jessica McBride and maybe people will start taking your blog seriously.

  2. Dr. Katz is none too bright. The purpose of the blog IS Jessica McBride. But once again one of her sycophants decides that exposing conservative misinformation, of which McBride is one of the local miscreants, is unimportant.

    Lots of people do take Whallah seriously. If you want to see real cyber-stalking, go read McBride's blog. The lack of anything approaching professionalism is astounding.