Tuesday, October 9, 2007

She Doesn't Like Fox Commentary

One could only hope that it was commentary on Fox News that she opposed, but alas, McBride is upset with the commentary by former Mexican President Vicente Fox. She offers the first two paragraphs of an Associated Press article in which Mr. Fox is promoting his new book, and tells Mr. Fox to worry about his own country. What she doesn't tell you is that he is worried about his country, which is probably why she doesn't provide a link to the article. But, Whallah, here it is.

One cannot be sure, but the part of the article that probably upset her the most was when President Fox is quoted:

"To be so repressive isn't democratic or free ... to be putting up fences, chasing Mexicans, that isn't right," Fox said. "The U.S. needs better answers than repression, weapons and violence."

That counters all of her favorite talking points, and would leave her nothing to say. No wonder she is so angry with him.

SIDENOTE: In the comment threads, a McBride fan (and/or possible student) carries on in the proud McBride tradition of making wild accusations that are nowhere near being based in fact, nor to be found in the article.



  2. I think it's a brilliant move by her to be an adviser to a minority journalists' association as a way to innoculate herself against charges of racism. I think she's already got enough of a track record to prove it at any rate, but she'll slip up more soon. Without question. So get those pictures taken with black kids while you can, Mrs. Bucher, you're going to need them.