Monday, October 15, 2007

Jawohl, Frau Bucher

Frank Rich, a columnist at the New York Times, took things too far by using irresponsible rhetoric, comparing the Bush administration to the Nazi Gestapo. While Whallah is no fan of Bush, his administration, or any of his policies, such as torture, it would be more conducive to fight those issues on their own merits, without the hyperbole.

McBride, as did many others, took offense to the article. But it is not clear if it was due to the offensiveness of the article, or professional jealousy. Not only did she rightfully criticize the article, but she took it too far herself, by comparing those against Bush's administration to the Nazis. And let us not forget that it was Frau Bucher herself that compared Democrats to bin Laden, for which she has yet to apologize.

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