Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Respect My Authoritah!

On July 13th, McBride went on a tirade about being disrespected by her archenemy, Eugene Kane, in an article in the August 2007 edition of Milwaukee Magazine. Now, we find McBride is channelling her inner Cartman with a letter to the Magazine, which reads:

I was surprised Milwaukee Magazine did not call me for comment after quoting Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Eugene Kane calling me a "female robot" under the intellectual control of a more powerful man [The Mil, August]. I am a faculty member at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a master's degree, 11 years of journalism experience, and numerous state and national journalism awards. I think for myself.

I never joked about a drive-by shooting on my radio show, as the item falsely stated. I poked fun at Mr. Kane for refusing to come on my show to debate. The audio clearly reveals I consider the drive-by shooting to mean the city is in a crisis state and was questioning why Mr. Kane downplayed the crisis. I had previously done a radio segment and blog commentary expressing outrage over the death of Jasmine Owens, which the media has not reported.

Whallah does believe McBride when she claims that she thinks for herself, as it is hard to imagine anyone else wanting to take credit for some of the things she says and writes.


  1. She not only thinks for herself, but about herself -- and shows that she has a very high opinion of herself, in case anyone doubted it.

  2. Shame on "the media" for not reporting McBride's weblogged outrage. That truly was a newsworthy event, as any university lecturer in journalism will tell you.

  3. She's about the only one in the world who still regards a Milwaukee Press Club award worth mentioning. The poor dear, as grandmother would say. And what national awards of note could she have won? There's really only one that matters, and there's no way she gets close to that with a 50-foot pole.