Sunday, September 9, 2007

Whose side are they on?

One more reason to be thankful that Glenn Frankovis did not make the cut as a finalist for Milwaukee police chief:

A Sunday Journal Sentinel story told of a Milwaukee cop who "was accused in a three-year span at least 10 times of beating suspects, planting drugs or both," yet has been promoted to sergeant.

Frankovis, a former Milwaukee police captain who had major attitude problems and run-ins with the current chief before retiring (and suing the city) had this reaction to the JS article, in a post entitled "Whose side are they on":
... What I do know is that these so-called investigative reporters, liberal judges and defense attorneys never seem to be able to find the real victims of crime who are being held hostage in their own neighborhoods by the very thugs these guardians of the public give so much credibility to. As a result, they choose to malign law enforcement officers who are trying to make neighborhoods safe from the likes of those who would shoot guns indiscriminately and kill innocent people merely because they want to settle a score or maintain their drug territory...

... A young, energetic Police Officer (now Sergeant) takes his job seriously and does what I have heard demanded of the Police Department numerous times at various neighbohood (sic) meetings (attended by black, white and Asian people and their aldermen in most cases) and he ends up on the FRONT PAGE of the Journal Sentinel with an article which questions his credibility but seemingly gives all credibility to the thugs.
Apparently, Frankovis -- who was the "energetic" officer's supervisor at the time of some of the incidents -- thinks the public is demanding that police officers beat suspects, and this young, energetic cop is just doing what they want.

That, of course, flies in the face of what the public is demanding from its police officers in the wake of the Frank Jude case and others that have come to light.

The citizens of Milwaukee want a crackdown on crime. But they also want accountability from the police officers who are supposed to protect them.

Small wonder that Frankovis was a bad fit. He's old school in the worst possible way, as in Harold Breier School.

Who else, do you suppose, came to the defense of the "young, energetic" officer and criticized the newspaper for its coverage?

If you said ex-police reporter, ex-prosecutor's wife Jessica McBride, you win the jackpot.

UPDATE: Illusory Tenant on Frankovis v. Frankovis.

And this from Pundit Nation's Michael Mathias.


  1. The funny part is that McBride, the failed journalist, the failed radio show host (and one can hope, the soon-to-be failed UWM lecturer), is trying to instruct the editors on how to report the news.

  2. Why do you hate church going moral, traditional God fearing families?

  3. I don't know why, I just do.

  4. Thank you Bill for your piece. I was thinking about using one of my ghostnics to comment on Pattycake's blog (since he already banned me) to point out what a hypocrite he was, as well as to mock Mickey for his seemingly drug-induced rantings in the comments section, but I thought, "what's the use?".

    We need more common-sense bloggers around here.