Saturday, September 15, 2007

McBride actually running WTMJ Radio

Focusing on the big issues, like the station's "Standing up for what's right" slogan,the delusional McBride reveals her continuing influence at the radio station that canned her:

Do they still use that slogan? When I was there, the new program director, Tom Parker, said he didn't like it. Now, I've noticed they use "Depend on it" - which doesn't have the same ideological hint to it - on their home page. I can't find "Standing up for what's right" on the site at all, unless it's buried somewhere that I'm overlooking. It's also not on Charlie's page. Do they ever use it on the air anymore? I'm going to have to start listening to see. I know when I was there, they started changing some of our "opens" (like mine), which used to have it.

(Watch: Within a week of this post, the old slogan will be on the web page, just like a few days after I mentioned they were downplaying James Harris on their site, he suddenly appeared on the home page. Coincidence? Hmmm.)
She's calling the shots there. Who knew?


  1. I'm going to have to start listening to see.

    Or maybe even start looking to hear.

  2. She controls the weather with her thoughts.