Wednesday, September 26, 2007

All things in moderation

Brew City Brawler, long mystified by McBride, offers an example of what types of comments McBride considers appropriate on her blog. She moderates the comments, which means they need her approval before they appear on the site. In the past, some of mine apparently have been too offensive to pass.

From the Brawler, just a small sample of what passes muster with McBride:
Johnny Williams has no clue what enemies of America would and will do to him, if given the oppurtunity.
Johnny Williams lives in a FREEDOM VACCUM, in which he is a spoiled PRICK, because SOMEONE ELSE made the ULTIMATE SACRIFICE, AND, Little Johnny DimWad, USES the FREEDOMS afforded him AND HIS 2 DADDIES BY OTHERS, to SPOUT ABOUT America being FREE, and HIS OWN FREEDOM to be a COMPLETE FUKJOB and LOSER.
Now we can see why she needed to moderate comments, so she can screen out the offensive stuff and approve analysis like that.

If you must, read the rest of that thoughtful comment here.

1 comment:

  1. Cool. That means that now I can say "fukjob" here. And maybe also USE CAPS MANICALLY.