Wednesday, September 5, 2007

McBride: New voice of the left

The crusade continues, as Jessica McBride tries to convince us that there is an illegal immigrant crime wave sweeping the nation (or at least Sheboygan). McBride:
Another illegal immigrant arrested for molesting Sheboygan child

And I'm not talking about the vigilante case.

Story here from the Sheboygan Press.

And the response from the left? Not a problem...No big deal... not worth talking about... Tell that to the mother of the kid.
We at Whallah! don't claim to speak for the left. Apparently the left's spokeswoman is Jessica McBride. People in her house are used to talking out of both sides of their mouths, so she probably doesn't see a contradiction.

For the record, we don't condone child molestation (Ridiculous to say that, but otherwise she'll probably claim we do.) But there is no reason to comment on every arrest -- unless you have another agenda.

The Sheboygan Press apparently is on the McBride program: Every time an illegal immigrant is charged with a crime, let's do a story and a wrapup that includes every other illegal immigrant who's been charged with anything.

What, exactly, is the point?

She writes about one Sheboygan case, but not about the hundreds of arrests every day in Wisconsin of non-immigrants charged with crimes as bad or worse. [UPDATE: Here's one involving a home-grown Waukesha County youth.]

There is too much crime in Wisconsin, in Milwaukee, in Sheboygan, and even in Waukesha County. But trying to pin the blame on illegal immigrants does nothing to solve the problem.

Why are we not surprised?


  1. The Left was too busy ferrying pedophiles across the Rio Grande to reply.

  2. If you look at CCAP, it's clear that McBride had her license suspended on various instances and Milwaukee municipal records show that she has owed hundreds of dollars in parking fees: In both these cases, she wrote stories for the Sentinel about driving after suspended and about the enforcement of parking fines in downtown Milwaukee. Sje also was having an extramarital affair with Paul Bucher while she was still writing stories about him, without having told her editors about this. These all are obvious conflicts of interest and should have been fireable offenses.

    The following points are as disconnected to the immigration issue as is her insinuation that illegal immigrants commit crime at a higher rate than documented citizens.

  3. Why is she bitching about "the left," anyway? Last I checked, the Executive Branch of the federal government, which is charged with "faithfully" enforcing immigration law, isn't exactly overrun with leftists these days.

  4. McBride is one of many who benefitted when CCAP changed its policies on how long less serious offenses stay up. The series of arrests for driving after suspension no longer appear, but they were indeed part of the record in the past.

    What McBride and Bucher did when is irrelevant, except when one of them is preaching family values and morality.

  5. I'm no fan of Jessica's (or her husband, for that matter), but I'm not sure I'd call parking tickets and a suspended driver's license "fireable offenses." And while I'm entirely ready to believe that she made Bucher's acquaintance, er, well before his divorce, how does one prove that?

    Agreed that "preaching family values and morality" make one's private life open to scrutiny -- and yet, do past sins completely obviate further comment?

    I'm not sure that yapping like a rabid Pekinese really qualifies as "preaching" anyway.

  6. If you work at a newspaper, have your license suspended multiple times and then write critical stories about how those cases are glutting the courts, that is a clear conflict-of-interest. If you work at a newspaper, rack up hundreds of dollars in parking fines downtown, then write stories critical of the downtown parking enforcement, that is a conflict-of-interest. If you are having an extramarital affair with an elected official and then write stories about the elected official, that is a conflict-of-interest. The fact that you did not alert your editors to these and various other conflicts-of-interest is indeed a firing offense. No question.

    As to the truth of these matters, I think the record is pretty clear, how about we ask Jessica herself, or the editors of the Sentinel?

  7. Sorry, but to me illegals are not 'immigrants', they are trespassers.

    As far as McBride goes, I pay no attention to her.