Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Oh, There's No Bitterness Here

McBride is now after a different columnist at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Apparently, not satisfied with her dominance over WTMJ radio, she is also giving advice to MSJ on who their columnists should be:

When is the JS going to give Jeff Wagner a column already?

Answer: Never. They will continue to foist the liberal Laurel Walker on the
poor Waukesha County saps who still subscribe to the paper.

McBride must have never taught public relations either. In one fell swoop, she not only alientated the readers of MSJ (apparently only Waukesha County readers count in her world), but also Patrick McIlheran, the residential conservative blogger at MSJ. Perhaps even he isn't conservative enough for her.

In reality, the only people who are being taken advantage of are the the subscribers to the Waukesha Freeman, who have to be exposed to McBride's screeds.

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