Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Show Off

McBride again shows us her masterful skill of the written word, her fine analytical reasoning, and her skill at in depth reporting. Don't believe me? Then take a gander at this:

WARNING: Reading the following while sober may cause intense headaches and upset stomachs.

Er, maybe not. He's just your garden variety accused drug dealer.Someone has egg on his face, and it's not the reporters in this story.Or is something else going on?Note: The AP story leaves out the suspect's name. WEAU TV has it: Hassan Mohammed Abdiaziz.
Update! I just realized. The AP didn't leave out the suspect's name because this version of the same AP story had it. So it appears that WTMJ left out the suspect's name. Often, news organizations will omit a suspect's name until they are charged. I think that is often a fair thing to do. But that's not the case here because WTMJ does run the suspect's mug shot - also without his name. Channel 4 ran the name. So did Minnesota TV. I can't find the story on JSonline. So, why did WTMJ delete his name?
Hassan Mohammed Abdiaziz. Hmmmm.

You were warned. Whallah takes no responsibility for your migraine.

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  1. John: The FACT that the arrested "middle eastern man" was wanted on TERROR related charges HAS BEEN IGNORED.

    She's even got her fanboyz all confuzzled. According to the FBI, the suspect is East African and wanted for selling khat.

    I wonder if "John" is one of her students.