Tuesday, September 4, 2007

She Doesn't Teach Psychology Either

McBride has already proven herself many times in the fields of journalism and in logic. Now she proves that she unable to understand basic psychology (or at least the ability to use Google). In a minimal effort of a post (five words), she manages to show how little she understands of the world and how it works.

She links to an article in the La Crosse Tribune, which covers a story about a jail in Minnesota, where they only feed the prisoners turkey bologna sandwiches. McBride thinks that's "Not a bad idea".

However, if she used some common knowledge, she would realize that was a bad idea. A few seconds with Google, and one can find this article, in which a prisoner can point out what McBride cannot fathom (and does it in a much more articulate way):

Food dissatisfaction is among the principal complaints voiced after prison riots. Hungry people focus on their hunger as nature's survival mechanism kicks in. Hunger always creates an explosive situation and is never a wise way to save money.

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