Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Shouldn't Journalists Be Able To Do Basic Research?

McBride, quoting a blurb from wispolitics.com, claims Scott Walker to be a crimefighter. Even though this can give one a terrifying image of Walker in a spandex costume, she was referring to Walker funding the Lakefront park patrol of the Sheriff's Office.

Now, if only she would have done the minimum of research, she would have found the MSJ article reporting that this crime fighting initiative is nothing more but the partial restoration of the patrols that Walker and Sheriff Clarke eliminated a few years ago. She may have also noticed, in the same article, that Walker, Tosa Ranger, is actually shorting the Sheriff's Department by $1 million dollars, compared to this year.

How can he do this, one may ask? Well, more basic research would have shown that Walker wants to let a private agency transport inmates all over, and to close the Community Correction Center, letting some 350 criminals hit the street.

It is hard to imagine which is more terrifying, McBride thinking this is courageous crime fighting, or that she teaches journalism.

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