Saturday, September 29, 2007

A shoppe by any other name ...

Yes, I said I was giving up this hobby, but a recent McBride post reminded me how I chose my blogonym. She hasn't used the term as much recently as she did awhile ago, when it seemed to be a daily feature, but perhaps she will revive it in memory of me:
Nelson's comments fit neatly into the media template, so it's no wonder we're not hearing a lot about them outside of the Freeman.
The post was about Waukesha Mayor Larry Nelson taking a little shot at Brookfield and Delafield for being snobbily pretentious:
At the end of a very long special meeting Tuesday night with developers of two large projects – a Wal-Mart Supercenter and “The Shoppes at Fox River” – Nelson asked those proposing the latter to drop the extra “p” and “e” from the word “Shoppes” in the center’s name. “It reeks of ostentation and pretentiousness like Delafield and Brookfield, and that’s not Waukesha,” he said.
Perhaps Waukesha should welcome a Wal-Marte Supercentre, too.

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  1. Hello, Template.

    I was just wondering if McBride was so upset about the mayor's comments because she is the master of all things ostentatious and pretentious.

    Also, one would think that a master's degree in journalism, 11 years of experience and all that lecturing would have helped McBride understand that the media won't cover this story, not due to a liberal agenda, but by the simple fact that it is not a news story.