Saturday, September 1, 2007

Dead horse rides again

Apologies for beating a dead horse, but McBride has just tried to resuscitate this one. She says:
Craig resigns


Ted Kennedy, you're next.
Hmm, remind me. What exactly did Ted Kennedy plead guilty to? What was he convicted of?

As Blueblogger has already pointed out, just two days ago she seemed to grasp the distinction, when she wrote:
Enough with the "he's innocent until proven guilty" stuff and "if he did it" stuff that I've been hearing on some conservative shows. Regardless of what he says now, Larry Craig PLEADED GUILTY in a court of law and was convicted. That should mean something. He's not innocent until proven guilty. He's guilty...

Bill Clinton was accused of raping a woman. Ted Kennedy was accused of leaving a woman to die. They enjoy respect from the Democratic party and the media. Larry Craig was accused of nudging the foot of an undercover cop, and the Democrats want to put him in a stockade in the public square.
Actually, Craig wasn't just accused. He pleaded guilty -- as McBride seemed to know just a paragraph or two earlier.

This from a college journalism instructor who's married to a longtime prosecutor -- a prosecutor who is thinking about running for the state Supreme Court?

Perhaps said prosecutor should do a little remedial instruction with his spouse on the criminal justice system and how it works.


  1. the Democrats want to put [Craig] in a stockade in the public square.

    That's interesting. I thought it was Republicans that were calling for his head. The one guy that's defending him is Arlen Specter, who McBride's ilk regularly derides as a "Republican in name only."

    It seems to me Democrats would prefer that Craig hang in there, because he's probably the only Idahoan GOPer they could beat in an election.

    I guess it would be beating a dead horse to suggest that McBride isn't too bright.

  2. Ted Kennedy left a young woman to drown in the car he had driven off a bridge. In pretty shallow water, too.