Monday, September 24, 2007

She Doesn't Teach History Either

McBride, in yet another poorly written rant, discusses the issue of Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, being invited to Columbia University to speak. She blasts the university and brings up that they would invite Adolph Hitler, then adds an update at the end of her rant stating that Hitler actually did appear at Columbia U., which is an allegation Other Side points out as being completely false:

Jessica McBride really should be sure of what she is posting before doing so. In this case McBride, as an update at the end of a rant about Columbia University inviting the president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, to speak, informs us that Hitler once did visit Columbia University. She gives a hat tip to that intellectual, Michelle Malkin (though no link) for leading her to that fount of accurate info, Little Green Footballs. It is there, she says, where the truth of the University's dalliance with the enemy is revealed.

Well, not exactly. Little Green Footballs reveals that it was the German ambassador to the United States, Hans Luther, who was invited to speak, not Hitler. In fact, the closest Hitler ever came to the United States was probably in some trench during WWI. Something the eternally clueless McBride could have discovered if she had checked. Something, you know, a lecturer in journalism at a major university might have done.What gets me the most, though, is not this yet-another-example of McBride's sloppy writing, it's the fact that she really does not understand how a free society operates ... you know, that marketplace of ideas thing that she should be promoting as (I shudder to write this again) a lecturer of journalism at a major university. ...

McBride is not a person who should be complaining about who universities allow to speak, else she finds herself out of another job.


  1. Well, Columbia University Press did publish a collection of plays by Yukio Mishima entitled, "My Friend Hitler," so it's understandable that a professional lecturer in journalism could have made the error.

  2. Well, yes, Mishima's work was published in 2002. So the invitation to Hitler to speak would have been since then? Entirely understandable error then.