Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Rest Of The Story

McBride, ever desperate to make a point, is trying to argue that the reason for racial disparity in the corrections system is not due to racism, but due to the quality of the people of a minority race. She quotes part of a story from The Wausau Daily Herald in which a minority leader says that it is not just about race, but the people of that race, which alone is contradictory.

But the observant reader who goes to read the actual story she is citing, and read the whole article would see this:

People of all ethnic backgrounds have perceptions and expectations about other ethnic groups, and not all of them are accurate, Lee said.

"I have talked to people of different ethnicities in this city. African-Americans often say they don't want to drive around town at night because they will probably be stopped," he said. "Latino people say they have been singled out and asked questions about their immigration status simply because they are Latino."

Whether perception matches reality isn't the issue, Lee said, because people act and behave based on their perceptions.

Maybe McBride got tired and didn't read all of the article, but basically, Mr. Lee, another minority leader, is pointing out that there is a high amount of racism going on, even in Wausau.

One would think that a person who prides themselves on teaching journalism would recognize the importance of covering the whole story.

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  1. I think that ethnically white talk show hosts and bloggers have a tendency toward adultery, gasbaggery, slander and a lack of a moral center. Studies show.