Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Jessica McBride asks:
Why are we getting involved in this?

Violent crime in Milwaukee, illegal immigration, so many issues....

Is this worth spending time on?

NEW YORK (Associated Press) -
Wisconsin's attorney general asked the federal government Tuesday to block the
combination of the nation's only two satellite radio companies.

Am I missing something here? Is this a big deal to Wisconsin? I know some prominent conservatives have supported the merger. Among them: Ronald Reagan's AG Ed Meese, "Economist Thomas Hazlett, Christian conservative Gary Bauer, and tax cut crusader Grover Norquist."

Is this helping the consumer or interfering in the marketplace?
Merits of the case aside, among other questions her post brings to mind:

How could anyone question the Holy Trinity of Meese, Bauer and Norquist?

WWBD? What would Bucher do? (Oh, never mind, he lost to Van Hollen, didn't he? And the Buchers are all over that, right?)

UPDATE: Deposed talker McBride stands up for the wingnut right (maybe that should be her slogan) on talk radio. Yawn.

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