Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bruce Murphy Deals A Royal Flush

In his weekly column, Bruce Murphy takes it to Charlie Sykes, Mark Belling, Patrick McIlheran and my BFFs at CRG and their misinformation (and outright lies) about MMSD and the Deep Tunnel.

The whole column is one of those must reads, but I'll give you a sampling here:

The recent flood dropped at least 40 billion gallons of water on the metro area in about five hours. Probably no deep tunnel in the world could handle that much volume. Milwaukee’s Deep Tunnel holds only 432 million gallons.

The irony of the complaints by Sykes, Belling, McIlheran and the CRG is that they all claim to be fiscal conservatives. But their constant harping that the sewerage system doesn’t work creates momentum to spend huge amounts of taxes. The only possible solution to reduce overflows was studied by the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District in 2007, which found it would cost an estimated $6 billion to add enough capacity (about 1.7 billion gallons) to the Deep Tunnel to get closer to a goal of no overflows. And the pain of that taxation (for very scant gain in sewage overflows) would be felt by all 28 municipalities in the metro area served by the MMSD – the same communities Belling and Sykes claim to be standing up for. Except when they aren’t.


  1. Ok, 40 billion was dropped. How much of that made it to the sewers? Maybe 1/100? Much of that was soaked up by the soil, some more evaporated in the air. A lot was drained into the lakes and rivers directly.
    Also, the metro are includes Waukesha, Milwaukee, Racine and Ozaukee County. That's a huge area.
    But hey, whatever you can do to drink the Kool Aid.

  2. Murphy is all dried up and out of touch, right after he stated there was no rise in contamination [to the lake] following sewage dumps....must be all the seagulls that cause the problems, not the human waste.

  3. I just wonder where the EPA has been in all of this. Dumping so much pooh in the lake should have raised the eyebrows of the EPA, you would think.

  4. The EPA has the same agenda this blog has.

  5. The EPA wants to prove talk radio is a bunch of hypocritical liars? Maybe I should add them as contributors...

  6. " wants to prove talk radio is a bunch of hypocritical liars?"
    Yet you have failed at this as well.

  7. Apparently not, since Sykes and Harris are both busy calling us names but not being able to back anything up. Wait a minute...

    Is that you again, Charlie?

  8. You guys seemed to have no trouble praising Murphy when he broke the Milwaukee pension story. His track record for veracity is miles ahead of Charlie McCarthy.

    Terry, you seem to have no problem routinely eating the crap the GOP serves you.