Wednesday, August 18, 2010

IOOKIARDI - Marriage Edition

In today's installment of "It's Only OK If A Republican Does It," we turn to James Wigderson.

Wigderson takes umbrage with the fact that the left has been pointing out "self-made millionaire" RoJo became self-made by marrying into it.

Wigderson then decides to bring up Russ Feingold's marriage history:
However, do Wisconsin Democrats really want to go into whether or not Johnson was “lucky” in whom he married (for over 30 years)? Which of Senator Russ Feingold’s three wives was the lucky charm for him? Or will it be number four? After all, the plural of spouse is “spice” and right now Feingold is on a pace to pass Larry King. I would assume that Feingold supporters would be doing everything they can to keep a candidate’s personal life off limits. Yet Feingold and his supporters keep going back to mentioning Johnson’s personal life.
We at Whallah! anxiously await Wigderson's pieces on Charlie Sykes and Jessica McBride's marital and extramarital exploits. The one on Sykes will probably be in a few weeks, to time it with Liz Woodhouse Day.

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