Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Epic FAIL of Epic FAILS

Last week, Tom Barrett's campaign web site went down for a few hours, either due to problems renewing the domain, or simply due to changing ownership of the domain, much like we experienced at Milwaukee County First earlier this year.

A relatively minor issue, but Scott Walker his his two main cheerleaders, Mark Belling and Charlie Sykes, thought it was worth a lot of attention.

Belling said on his radio show that it was indicative of Barrett's leadership style or some other similar type of rot.

Sykes took the hyperbole even further, calling it an Epic FAIL, and spent literally hours on this.

But I wonder if people would really see that as a failure on Barrett's part. I wonder it even more if they were to compare Barrett's faux pas to the fact that Scott Walker's Twitter account was suspended due to their spamming way.


  1. Failing to maintain a simple item like a website domain, used as a focal point of your campaign, suggests sloppiness and lack of attention to details.

    A single faux pas is easily overlooked. The above combined with not getting proper permits for offices depicts a trend.

    The real question is, does the blame fall on ineffective management or ineffective staff?

  2. Well, it is a beginner's mistake (I've done it) and may reflect on the professionalism of the staff with which he's surrounded himself. If someone lost a job over it, I'd say it was perfectly justified.

  3. Well, let's see, with Walker, he lost control of his Twitter account because he was spamming, buildings falling down, killing one kid and hurting three other people, the mess at the mental health complex, and now two staff being criminally investigated for campaigning while on county time and using county equipment.

    You were saying?

  4. Again, I think Walker would be justified in firing his tweeter. As for the rest, that's for the voters. Let's hope they're paying attention.