Sunday, August 29, 2010

We Choo-Choo-Choose The Truth

When it was announced that the Wisconsin Department of Transportation scratched out Oconomowoc as a place for a station for the high speed rail, Sykes and company had a field day.

Sykes has spent the last untold number of months griping about the train (but not the jobs it was bringing). Now he was off on a whole daily rant about how the draconian and dictatorial State was punishing Oconomowoc for "just asking a few questions." He would then add off how much better they were anyway, because no one wanted the dumb old train anyway.

But as is the norm, Sykes is dead wrong on more than one count.

First, as the astute Brew City Brawler points out, the mayor of Oconomowoc was doing more than just asking a few questions:

From the story:

In June 2009, the council unanimously passed a resolution giving initial support for a rail station, but since that time, Mayor Jim Daley has ousted former Mayor Maury Sullivan and two new aldermen have been elected.

Sullivan had said he wanted Oconomowoc to have a stop on the rail if the federal program was going to be initiated. Part of Daley’s campaign platform was his opposition to a high-speed rail station in Oconomowoc, and he maintained his opposition in an Aug. 4 interview.

To make Sykes look even more foolish, which is no small task, who claims the train station is something that no one wants in their community, there's quite a push from a number of places including Wauwatosa, Hartland, Sun Prairie and Waterloo.

I'm sure Sykes will be issuing a correction shortly, since he is so concerned with accuracy in reporting.


  1. Where in Waukesha is Scott Walker from? They should have the train stop there.

  2. I'am 21 and live in sheboygan WI, i will never ride this train not because of politics, but because of commen sense. It's much faster to drive to madison. Plus cost of opertion after it's built, i don't want to pay {tax dallors}for something i'am not going to use! Besides isnt there a bus that ALREADY GOES to madison? Also i am not the only one who feels this way. People all over the state will not benifit from this train. It just dosn't make sense when we could use the money to fix our roads, and crumbling brigdes.

  3. What does your "commen" sense say about driving to Oregon or to the east coast, since the train is actually going to be part of an cross continental system?