Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Why Chuckles Should Do Better Than Rip and Read

Charlie had a good time with this today before it came out that, well, just give it a look.

From Brett Davis' press release (emphasis added):

Lieutenant Governor candidate and State Representative Brett Davis has learned that the Wisconsin Department of Corrections is now
using state dollars to pay for driver’s licenses and state-issued identification
cards for prison inmates. Davis learned the policy change went
into effect on July 1 of this year.

“These absurd spending programs continue to show Governor Doyle to be hopelessly tone deaf to the will of the people of Wisconsin.”

All really good, inflammatory rhetoric that looks boffo on a campaign website. It overlooks the fact that the measure was part of the 2007-08 budget that Scott Suder and Mark Pocan put together.

I guess though, as one of Brett's constituents all these years, I kind of assumed he was reading the bills he was voting for.

Maybe he should have talked to Scott Suder about the problems that being careless with ID can cause.

Cross-poted from The Happy Circumstance

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  1. Remember last summer when teabaggers/belly scratchers were frothing at the mouth at town halls, yelling at reps to "GAHRH! READ TEH BILL!?!"

    Yeah I don't remember that either.