Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sykes' Problem With Raw Spewage

Charlie Sykes has been focusing like a man with OCD on the sewage dump that coincided with the eight inches of rain that fell in one day a couple of weeks ago. His obsession with the floaters in the lake is much akin to the poo-flinging monkeys at a zoo.

A faithful reader wonders of Sykes is suffering from "Barrett Derangement Syndrome". I always thought it was because Sykes was Anal Retentive.

Brawler also touched on the subject the other day:
He's certainly trying hard, spinning hard that it's a failure in wake of recent floods (and crying "media conspiracy" when confronted with facts that argue otherwise) and trying to stick the "Wisconsin's biggest polluter" label on Tom Barrett. Charlie has been on topic for at least two weeks, including on Sunday INCITE!, an impressive level of focus for Chuck (who often says he isn't going to let an issue go ... and then does). A level of focus, that suggests at least to the Brawler, that he may be in cahoots with others who see it as a potential knock on Barrett and counter to the "Walker is incompetent" theme.
Being the trend setter that I am, I noticed Sykes' scatological tendencies a while ago, pointing out the hypocrisy of Sykes' stance, since the alternatives would be a lot more poop in the lake, or a tax hike of several billion dollars. That is probably why Sykes never talks about solutions as he flings his poo around the studio.


  1. Jump to any lengths to defend an ecological disaster when it's not done by business or republican controlled organization. You have set the bar very high for yourself on this one.

  2. I love the way Sykes says poop. It sounds so sophisticated.

  3. xoff-

    He says poop because feces and human waste have too many syllables. He gets confused and his listeners started getting distracted by the squirrel in their yard.

  4. All the while, barrett supporters think dumping human waste into fresh water is not such a bad thing.

  5. All the while, Walker supporters think killing kids or women getting raped is not such a bad thing.

  6. "All the while, Walker supporters think killing kids or women getting raped is not such a bad thing."
    False again chris...