Sunday, August 29, 2010

We'll Give Them A Quarter Point

On Friday, Sykes gleefully posted a point made by Brian Fraley of the Republican front group, MacGuyver Institute (for the Conservatively Insane), which basically stated that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel was full of it when they said that Scott Walker and Mark Neumann wanted to cut health care benefits to the elderly and disabled.

Sykes added that MJS never ran a correction based on their assumptions.

Of course, the unoriginal Patrick McIlheran had to chip in his two cents on the same subject.

I will give them a quarter of a point, since they are correct that Badger Care wouldn't service the elderly.

But that's where they stop being correct.

It can take two to three years for Social Security to recognize someone as disabled. During the time they are waiting for Social Security to deem them eligible, they are without insurance. Badger Care covers these people during the gap.

In fact, it is more than a little disappointing that Walker would be against this, since he ran the local version of Badger Care, which was called GAMP, successfully for the first seven years of his time as county executive.

So they lose half a point there.

The other quarter point comes from the fact that MJS did, unfortunately, run a correction, echoing the same incorrect information the squawkers were spewing.

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