Friday, August 20, 2010

Mark Belling: Spittle Man

Cindy Kilkenny has a post up pointing out the silliness which is Mark Belling and his tirade about Tom Barrett not having a water heater inspected after it was installed.

The comment thread has some great lines in it, including this one, which pretty accurately sums things up:
Belling has limited time left. There is no way to grow his audience, and he has to ramp up the rhetoric and fabricate issues to get anyone to listen to him. I feel sorry for anyone who listens to him thinking they are getting content or information. They are getting spittle.


  1. Well, it is true or not?
    Belling has limited time left? Really? Sounds like a physical threat to me.
    but the hell with the truth. Let's smear the reporter.
    Pathetic. Even for you, capper.

  2. Wow, Dan. Maybe you should have your coffee before you start commenting.

    Capper gives a link to someone else's blog which has a comment on it from a third person and you come home at 2 AM and start trashing Capper.

    Have you been taking blogging lessons from Fischer?

  3. To grumps- capper put it on his blog, therefore he is responsible for the contents of it.
    And the time stamp is Central time. I live in the Pacific time zone, but nice try though.

  4. @grumps-

    Dan is mad because I called him out for posting that sexist commercial by the Minnie GOP.


    I'm sad to see that you see a un-inspected water heater to be a bigger issue than a teenage boy being killed due to gross negligence or to mentally ill women being raped because of Walker's indifference.

  5. Umm, capper, I'm not mad. Just shows you have no sense of humor.
    As far as the other crap, umm, no, not because of Walker's indifference.
    Maybe the gross negligence was caused by the workers on site because they suck as workers.

  6. Sure, Dan, whatever you say. Oh, by the way, thanks for making us feel smarter already.

  7. You need a hobby besides making a damned fool out of yourself regularly.